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The people listed below may be able to help, should we fail to provide a solution to your problem. Thank you for spending time with us at the Surgery. We hope that it has been of some use to you.

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Citizens Advice:

For help with a variety of issues including debt, legal, health, consumer issues:
Website: or

National Debtline:

Helps people determined to escape debt, offering factsheets and help packs. Advice is offerred by phone or e-mail:
Tel: 0808-808 4000.

Consumer Credit Counselling Service:

A superb debt counselling charity, offers debt management at no cost:
Tel: 0800-138 1111.


Excellent, free debt management service, which, like the CCCS, above, are funded by voluntary contributions from banks and creditors:
Tel: 0800-389 3431.

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Government Body:

Excellent consumer advisory organisation:
Tel: 08457-224499/Email:

Financial Ombudsman Service:


Investment Comparison Table Web Site:

and the excellent...

For Independent Financial Advice:

A superb source of knowledge that dispenses with commission based advisers.
Truly excellent:
Website: The Motley Fool

...but if you really have to:
Tel: 020-7833 3131.

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Employment Agency:

Tel:020-7943 5400/Email:


State Benefits:

Excellent website, recently relaunched and updated, with calculators based on individual circumstances and lots of info:

The people, used to be called DSS, who have all the brochures, naturally,
Website: (Dept of Work and Pensions)

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For Carpetbagging:

The definitive carpetbagging site, which, like MoneySurgery, also has no adverts or tie-ins with any company to influence its editorial:

To take on a Lodger under the Rent-a-Room scheme:

Tax-free Letting Website:

To Give Up Smoking:

Tel: 0800-2448387

Tel: 020-7739 5902 Fax:020-7613 0531/Email:

To Stop Gambling:

Helpline, Tel: 0845-6000 133/Email:


To Stop Drinking:

Drinkline, Tel: 0800-917 8282.

For Drugs Assistance:


For Lone Parents:

Tel: 020-7336 8183/Email:

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