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The Best Interest Rates

(Updated 20:00 Monday 8th December 2008)

All the savings accounts below have interest paid yearly and are for new investors. The rates quoted are Gross. Cash ISA's are tax free, of course. Many banks and building societies offer EVEN BETTER rates to existing customers of long standing.

It's been said before but we say this to protect you:
All rates subject to change without notice. Please check all rates and terms before investing. This is because some rate changes are announced very quietly and a few of the account terms relating to the rates we quote are quite complicated and onerous.

Internet Only Accounts

Company: Product: Rate: Min.: Access:
AA Internet Saver 4.53% £1. Easy
Principality BS e-SAVER 4.51% £1. Easy
ICICI Bank UK HiSAVE account 4.50% £1. Easy
Yorkshire BS Internet Saver 4.50% £1. Easy

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Instant Access accounts let us get at our money in an emergency and can often provide as good a return as accounts where a notice period has to be given before withdrawal.
However, we will include exceptionally good high rate notice accounts.

Instant Access (and High-Rate Notice) Accounts

Company: Product: Rate: Min.: Dial:
Manchester BS Premier Guarantee 5.51% (Withdrawal conditions apply) £1,000. 0161 833 8015
Scarborough BS Balance Builder Issue 1 4.80% £1. 0845 634 3760
Nottingham BS Sleep Easy Saver 5.50% £1,000. 0115 956 4616
Anglo Irish Bank Easy Access Deposit Issue 2 5.25% £1. 0845 455 2222

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Being Tax-Free, Cash Individual Savings Accounts can offer very good rates of interest. However, ISA's have rules and standards set by the government that dictate how you can use the account. You must get all the facts from the ISA provider and read our excellent and up-to-date How to...Understand ISAs page before you invest.

Cash ISAs

Company: Stakeholder: Rate: Min.: Access: Dial:
Standard Life Bank Cash ISA Direct No 4.60% £1. None 08457 555657
Egg Cash ISA No 4.55% £1. Instant 08451 233 233
Manchester BS Premier Cash ISA Issue 3 No 4.50% (inc.0.5% bonus until 31.01.10) £1,000. Instant 0161 923 8000
Kent Reliance BS - Direct Variable Rate Cash ISA No 4.26% £1. None 08451 220022

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The following "Regular Savings Accounts" table refers to regular payments in, as opposed to regular interest out, per month, and for an individual, rather than a couple. The rates are generally excellent and the payments easier and less painful to make.

Take heed of the withdrawal terms and conditions of each account because each account is unique. Note also that most of the rates for regular savings accounts include a bonus, typically 3%, for complying with their withdrawals policy, which may be lost if the account is closed or too many withdrawals are made.
Here's the latest:

Regular Savings Accounts

Company: Rate: per Month: Min.Term: Access: Dial:
Skipton BS
Special Saver
6.55% £10 - 250. 12 month term Only by closure 0845 850 1722
Skipton BS
Regular Saver
5.15% £10 - 1,000. No minimum term Maximum 2 withdrawals or 1.5% bonus is lost 0845 850 1722
Cheshire BS
Regular Saver Issue 5
4.55% if 11 out of 12 monthly payments are made £25 - 500. None Max. 2 withdrawals per year or closure. 0800 195 15 14
Yorkshire BS
Regular Saver
4.75% if 11 out of 12 monthly payments are made £10 - 500. None Not in the first year. 0845 1200100

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All the monthly payments for the unsecured personal loans listed below are based on £5,000 over 3 years.
Monthly payments with Payment Protection Insurance is no longer included as it can often be expensive and inappropriate for the customer's needs.

Unsecured Personal Loans

Without PPI
Company: APR: Payment: Phone:
Your Personal Loan 7.6% £155.18 see web site
Barclaycard 7.9% (Depending on credit rating) £155.93 0870 154 0154
Abbey 7.9% £155.82 via web site; existing customers only
Tesco Loan 8.9% £158.01 visit web site

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The rates for credit cards, below, apply to balance transfers only, not purchases, and last for a short period until they revert back to the standard rates.
We show rates for balance transfers instead of purchases as this type of usage is more conducive to managing debt.
All the ones we include do not charge for transferring debt. If you do charge, you won't get listed.

Credit Cards (Balance Transfers)

Company: Product: APR: Until: Phone:
Abbey Zero Card 0% No Balance Transfer Fee. Up to 6 months
from date of transfer
0845 602 1582

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