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Welcome to our 2nd Annual MoneyOscars Awards. Vote for your favourite from our selection of financial world nominees.
Results out on 5th April 2004.
This year we've added "Best Advert", "Best Current Account Provider" and "Best Mortgage Provider" to the list of catagories, and Nationwide Building Society are up for 5 Awards. All votes are anonymous and will influence the decision of the MoneySurgery MoneyOscar award panel.

The nominees are...

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1. Best Bank:

Lloyds TSB Royal Bank of Scotland Co-operative Bank (last year's winner) HSBC

2. Best Former Building Society:

Halifax Alliance and Leicester Bradford and Bingley (last year's winner) Birmingham Midshires

3. Best Building Society:

Portman Nationwide Kent Reliance Leeds and Holbeck Coventry Chelsea Britannia (last year's winner) Scarborough

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4. Best Internet Presence: (last year's winner)

5. Best Current Account Provider:

Halifax Nationwide BS Lloyds TSB Alliance and Leicester

6. Best Mortgage Provider:

Halifax Nationwide BS Nottingham BS Alliance and Leicester Cheltenham and Gloucester

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7. Best Savings Account Type:

Cash ISA (last year's winner) Fixed Rate Bond Regular Saver Internet Savings Telephone or Postal Branch-based Instant Access

8. Best Credit Card Firm:

Nationwide BS Egg American Express Capital One (last year's winner) Mint

9. Best Personal Loan Firm:

Tesco (last year's winner) Lombard Northern Rock Direct Line Nationwide BS

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10. Best Advertisements:

Mastercard's "Priceless" Halifax's Howard (and friends) Mint's odd-shaped zero-rated new card Capital One's "What's in your wallet?" HSBC's local knowledge

11. Best Future Investment Category:

Endowments Gold Cash Savings Account Stocks and Shares (last year's winner) Property Personal Pension

12. Best Luxuries (For when debts are cleared, of course):

New Car Holiday (last year's winner) TV or HiFi Jewellery

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