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Money Surgery is not sponsored by anyone and never will be. Money Surgery does not carry advertising for other companies and never will. Money Surgery does not need other funding.

The reason for this is that in carrying advertisements, we effectively taint every word in this web site. People could say, "Oh, he's saying that this bank account is good because he's carrying an advert for the same bank". We'd have to watch what we say on Money Surgery in case it upset a sponsor. Also, instead of giving you good people the true facts, we'd be mixing that up with some good old-fashioned hard sell, which, in a way, gets in the way of the truth. It would get in the way of our message and you'd have every right not to trust Money Surgery.

Other web sites might make money for their owners. This one is free to say the truth. As soon as we carry adverts, we have effectively sold-out. We would become agents for sponsors. Instead, we are independent and unafraid to give our Patients the facts.

No Adverts. No "Partner Offers". No "Sponsored Links". This is Money Surgery.

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